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Monetize your passion

In Digitalage, every professional user is an entrepreneur. Whether you're a startup going straight to the top or a creator ready to monetize, your journey to financial success starts here.

Get ready to transform your creative pursuits into a lucrative career with Digitalage. Our platform is not just a social media site; it's a launching pad for your financial aspirations.

Finally. The social network we've been waiting for.

Experience Total Control
Embrace the power of our decentralized platform, where the community holds the reins. Take charge. Let your voice truly help direct our collective journey.
Privacy Redefined
Digitalage empowers you to dictate exactly what you share and who has access to it, ensuring that your personal information stays just that... personal.
Fact-Check Magic
Advanced Al, meticulously designed to sift fact from fiction, not filter it. Reliable information. No agendas. Simply a trusted space for knowledge and discussion.
Creator's Playground
The ultimate hub for creators to publish, manage, and supercharge their content. Whether you're an artist, writer, or video maker, this is your space to shine.
Seamless Mobility
Navigate the digital world with unprecedented ease. User-friendly tools that allow you to effortlessly move your social presence and content between platforms.
Everybody Wins
A platform where everyone has the potential to earn on day one. Our ecosystem is designed with monetization in mind. Tip jars. Ad revenues. Crypto and fiat ready.

digitalage — Revolutionizing How Creators Earn

We're redefining the creator economy by putting the power back in your hands. Join us, and be a part of a community where your talent doesn't just shine — it earns.

Early Access

How Revenue Split Works

Make Money from Day One

Everyone can start earning immediately. Once you hit our income threshold, you’ll need to undergo a background check, ensuring a safe, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant environment.

Co-Creator Profit Sharing.

Split earnings with your collaborators.

Revenue Model for Video Content.

We take 15%, you take 85%.

Community Fund Contribution.

By default, another 15% is allocated to our community fund, supporting those who promote your content.

Control in Your Hands

You decide how your content’s revenue is distributed. The default is 15% but you have full control. Raise or lower as you see fit.

Rewarding Engagement

Anyone interacting with your content. (promoting, reviewing, reacting, sharing, etc.) gets a slice of the 15% community fund.

A Haven for Micro-Influencers

Tailor-made for the growth and prosperity of micro-influencers. Finally reward your fans for being your biggest promoters.

Who benefits?

Content Creators

Charged with the power of equitable revenue-sharing, robust IP protection, and transparent analytics, we're elevating content monetization to the stratosphere. Creators can now ride the wave of financial fairness and unleash the true potential of their creativity, in an ecosystem that values and protects their work.


Step into a world where curated content and top creator exclusives reign supreme. Our AR-ready interface isn't just cutting-edge; it's a fortress of data privacy, transparency, and authentic community interactions. Get ready for an immersive experience that respects your choices and connects you to content that resonates.


Welcome to Digitalage, where brand safety is the new standard. Our platform offers transparent, adaptable filters for ethical campaigns that hit the mark every time. Precision targeting? Check. High-ROI impressions? Double check. We're not just about reaching audiences; we're about creating meaningful, impactful connections.

IP Holders

Experience the future of content tracking and revenue allocation. We safeguard your intellectual property like never before, turning every byte of your content into a revenue-generating powerhouse. From maximizing traffic to monetizing back-catalogs and new releases, we're the guardians of your creative empire.

Welcome to digitalage

A realm where the power of free speech isn't just upheld; it's celebrated. Here, every opinion, every belief, every bold and brilliant idea finds a sanctuary. We stand unyielding in our commitment to unfiltered expression, valuing the diversity of thoughts as the bedrock of true innovation.

Ignite innovation. Drive change.
Dare to journey to the digitalage.

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